How to Properly Recycle/Dispose of Your Grill

We hope you enjoyed your Blue Rhino Global Sourcing, Inc. grill. When it comes time to upgrade your unit, we encourage you to dispose of your old grill in a safe and environmentally friendly way.The following are guidelines to help you dispose of your grill safely:

CLEAN: Before you dispose of your grill, you will need to thoroughly clean all surfaces of any food debris.


Wear work gloves to protect against sharp edges or burrs in the metal.
Where applicable, make sure the gas tank is off and disconnected from the regulator/hose assembly before dismantling any other parts.

Note: It may be helpful to refer to the owner’s manual to disassemble your grill, making sure to complete the steps in the reverse order.


Steel/Stainless Steel/Cast Iron/Brass/Aluminum: Once disassembled and cleaned, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, brass and aluminum parts from grills can be recycled by taking to your local scrap metal dealer or visit to find a recycling center near you.
*Remove any handles, hinges and temperature gauges, as well as non-metal attachments, prior to recycling.

Plastic: Most black plastic parts on a grill are recyclable (knobs, side shelve, wheels, etc.) Beginning in 2010 all the plastic parts have imprinted with the recycled logo and number. Follow local municipal guidelines for plastic recycling. If parts are metal plated, they should be disposed of in the standard domestic garbage waste disposal system.

Unwanted Propane Tanks: Many landfills, recycling centers, and scrap metal dealers cannot recycle unwanted tanks because of the residual propane inside. However, most propane exchange companies, including Blue Rhino, will take them and recycle them at no cost to you. Simply leave your empty beside a propane exchange display. To find a Blue Rhino location near you, click here or call 800.258.7466.


Regulator/Hose Assembly: Please dispose of with your domestic garbage waste disposal system. Remember to disconnect the gas hose from the gas line and any regulator before disposing.

Caster Wheels: Please dispose of with your domestic garbage waste disposal system.

Batteries: Proven cost-effective and environmentally safe recycling processes are not yet universally available for alkaline batteries. Some communities offer recycling or collection of alkaline batteries—contact your local government for disposal practices in your area. Otherwise, to find a battery recycling location near you, visit Never dispose of batteries in fire as they could explode.

Electronics (i.e. igniter wires, electric controller, heating element): Check with your local municipality to find out e-waste pick-up days or drop-off locations.

Note: Keep in mind that accepted recyclables vary by municipality. Check with your local municipality to see what’s allowed and what’s not.